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You can get the following privileges by applying for member of Asia Royal.

No. Benefits Jade Member Sapphire Member Ruby Member
1. Investigation Charges 5% 10% 15%
2. Pharmacy Charges 1% 2% 3%
3. Special Investigation Charges (such as Echo Cardiogram,
Stress test, CT Scan)
3% 5% 8%
4. Payment Deduction of payment if the card balance is enough to
settle the billing amount.

These discount services are only for out patients.

One member and 5 associate members are entitled to use the card.
During hospital  stay as inpatient, members can use card only for payment deduction, no discounts will be given.


This card is not valid for special packages and other promotional activities.
Asia Royal reserves the right to extend or change any special discounts, privileges and special promotion periods.


You can apply membership at the 3rd floor, Health Service Development Department at the Asia Royal.

Member Grades

Jade Member
Sapphire Member
Ruby Member

Annual Fees

Jade Member                    –          50000 Ks
Sapphire Member            –        100000 Ks
Ruby Member                    –        200000 Ks


Member card is valid within three years starting from the date of issued.

Member card can be extended by depositing the respective annual fees.

Member can Top-up card value at anytime and there is no limitation of maximum Top-up amount.

Member can also upgrade card to get higher discount privileges and  2,500 Ks will be charged for upgrading .

The remaining cash will be carried over to the extended / upgraded member card.

If there is no cash balance in the member card, no discounts will be given.